One Year September 10 2012

Hey Mom and Dad,


I am doing so great this week, words cannot even express. Through trials and tribulations, I know that God has blessed Elder C. and I with much success. I have seen the growth of our area be apparent as we find and teach people here in Preston.


First of all, thank you so much for your birthday presents. I had to open the big box because… Well I could only imagine what was inside. I had to find out and it was a hard day. It was nice to blow off a little steam. I think that I listened to “Worthy is the Lamb” about 20 times. I love that song. I cannot help but think of President Wright emotionally directing the amens at the end. Thank you so much for the presents! I love them so much!


This week’s big miracle starts from the beginning of last week. Last Monday evening we were having a rough time finding people and it seemed like nobody was going to talk to us in the area that we were in. We decided to move on to another area to see if we would have success there. As we were leaving, we saw a young mother walking her daughter and stopped them. They were uninterested, but we asked them if they knew if any Chinese people lived in the area. They pointed across the street and told us that at 64 there were students. We knocked on the door and had a great QGC with a Chinese person named Ken. He is a Christian and has a great belief in God. After we set an appointment to see him, we asked him if he knew of any other Chinese houses. He pointed us to a street and told us where one was. We knocked on the first one and they were uninterested. We knocked on the second one and a man, Grimm, was somewhat interested, so he made a return appointment.


I think that we would have been blessed if that was it. However, when we went and taught them, more miracles happened. When we went to Ken’s house, his roommates seemed very interested in the Gospel and joined in the discussion. Then, when we went over to Grimm’s his roommates were way more interested than him. We ended up teaching all of them at least the Chinese first lesson. On Saturday, we taught Ken and his roommates Kelvin and JC, all of whom accepted baptism that night. Kelvin and JC came to church the next day, and we are going to go see them tomorrow. What a blessing! All from asking for one referral!

We also got to go to the baptism of Timmy, who I told you about a few weeks ago. I have included a picture of him and I at his baptism.

This morning during personal study, I began to look at my journal from one year ago. What a year it has been! On this day last year I went out into the back field with my friends and made a flamethrower… And subsequently lit myself on fire. At the time, I knew I was going to get my mission call soon, and thought that all was lost. I feel like while I had great faith in God, I had nothing like I have now. I have learned much about things. It is hard to believe that I am the same person that lit myself on fire one short year ago, but my past makes me who I am. The scars on my arm testify that I was stupid, but good things come out of that. I have a great story to introduce myself with now, I have lessons, and most of all I grew in my reliance on God.


Thank you so much for going on. Keep running the race! While we might be tired now, we can do so much more. Love you so much,




About elderjustin

I am currently serving in the England, Manchester Mission as an LDS mission. This blog will be updated with my emails every once in a while.
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