All Over the Place September 17, 2012

Hey Mom and Dad,


There is far too much that has happened this week to remember it all, but I will try to do my best. We were blessed this week with lots and lots of new investigators and people to teach. Our faith has grown as we have been able to see some of the people we talk to progress. We also had a special day of finding in the mission where we fasted that we would find the people who were searching for the truth. We saw a wonderful miracle as God prepared somebody a week ago to talk to us this week.


Last week on Tuesday, we had a Zone Meeting where it was explained that Friday would be a day of fast, and then on Saturday we would go out during specific times and do finding (tracting, street contacting, etc.). We were promised that if we did that, we would see many new investigators on that day. Fasting as a missionary is very difficult. It’s even more difficult when you are teaching and finding all day. Friday was a struggle because we were teaching in the local university’s multi-faith center where they had free food all day. As if the Adversary was mocking us, we had to decline the multiple offers to eat free cake and ice cream.


The blessings came very quickly, though, on Saturday. As we went out to find people, we stumbled upon an African man who had just arrived, he was looking for a place to worship and we offered taught him on the spot. Then, immediately following that conversation, we struck up another conversation with a nice woman. She was very interested and said that she wanted to know more about the Book of Mormon right then and there. As we sat down, we learned that she had been in London a few days ago staying in a hostel. During that time, she had met two young women from Canada, and they had given her a Book of Mormon. She had been thinking about it all week, and wondered more about it. The young woman from Canada said to look for Missionaries, but she had no idea where they were. She is looking for something, but at the moment, she is afraid that if she found out there was more to life, then she would have to face her family about that decision. We invited her to read and pray about the message of the Book of Mormon, and to find the peace in its pages. I am excited to find out where that goes. God prepared somebody a week before to hear our message on those hours we had been fasting for.


Yesterday, we had a great lesson with a person that I would say is progressing the most. Her name is Faith. She has desires to become more like Jesus Christ, but has had a hard time progressing because she would never read. Last Sunday, our ward mission leader gave her a Chinese Gospel Principles manual and she began to read it. By the time that Thursday came around, she had already read half of it. She then proceeded to tell us about the Plan of Salvation in detail. She really understands the role of the Savior and the Atonement. The Spirit has testified that it is true to her, and I am sure that she will be prepared.


Last, and for sure not least, I am leaving the great land of Preston this week. On Thursday, we got a call from the assistants saying that I would be leaving and going to Macclesfield (the mission office) and that Elder C. would be getting 2 Chinese speaking companions. One of them is brand new and the other is 2 transfers old. Going to Macclesfield means that it will be the fourth area in the last transfer (6 weeks) that I have been to. It has been tiring to pack my suitcase a lot. I thought that would be all, but then on Saturday I got a call from President Preston telling me that he would be in Lancashire on Sunday and that I should set some time aside to meet with him. On Sunday, he came over to our flat and he sat down and told me that I wasn’t forgotten. I was put in the areas that I was for a purpose and that he had a lot of trust in me. He then told me that the office elders have had a really big problem doing their tasks as well as proselyting. He wants me to go to that area and help it grow and baptize. I am very excited to have this assignment. One of my duties is to be the technical person when computer things go wrong. So, essentially, I am going to be helping the people there troubleshoot things. I think that my years of helping dad have prepared me for that. It also gives a unique opportunity to go all over the mission and get to see it. I am excited to see more of England than I ever thought possible. Being in Macclesfield also means that places like Hayfield and Whaley Bridge are in my area. I am so excited to do missionary work in the place where the Beards were initially converted. What an amazing opportunity!


Thanks for the gifts as well, I love them all, and I am glad to see that both Nate and I aren’t too old to get Nerf guns! Also, we have DVD players in all of the missionary flats to watch training DVDs, and they also play CDs, so I can listen to Handle’s Messiah. I have already been listening, I must be my father’s child!


Love you so much,




About elderjustin

I am currently serving in the England, Manchester Mission as an LDS mission. This blog will be updated with my emails every once in a while.
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