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Dear Mom and Dad,


What a week it has been! I have literally been running around so much that I have no idea what I did yesterday. It is good to hear that things are going on back home. We are having miracles here in Macclesfield and the ward is amazing! Also, being in the Mission Office is pretty much one of the hardest, craziest things that you can do in the mission. It is kind of like being in stage crew; you get to see all of the behind-the-scenes things that make the work what it is.


Starting with last Monday, though, we had a great P-day. We ate out at an amazing Chinese buffet and then played basketball. After that, though, we went to an investigator’s house and they made us amazing Chinese food. I learned a lot about good Chinese food there. Tuesday and Wednesday we had lots of teaching appointments and they were quite uplifting. Wednesday night we took a train down to Manchester and stayed at the Chinese Elder’s flat. It was quite a different day on Thursday. We ate really spicy food for breakfast because the Chinese Elders had nothing left to eat in their flat. We then went to zone conference.


It was there that I met up with Elders B. and F. Both of them are in the group that came in with me into the MTC. Actually, Elder F. is the one that arrived at around the same time as us with his parents. He is one of the funniest and most spiritually strong missionaries that I know. Elder B. is from Idaho and is a small town boy. He comes from Rigby. He, as well, is a spiritual giant. We went to tea that night at a great member’s home. After that, we went to coordination meeting. The ward mission leader is quite great. He wants me to have you find somebody for him. His name is James Jardine. He just randomly asked me if I could ask you to find the person. He is supposed to be around 57 years old and he served in Manchester in 1978. I dunno.


We then went home that night. The flat that the Office Elders stay in is so nice. It is way spacious and quite good. It has all of the best amenities. Indeed, I feel like it is a blessing after coming from Preston, where there was mold growing on the walls. Gross. I also found out on this night that I am going to be driving later this week. It is strange to think that I will be able to do that very soon. I thought that Friday would be a downer (office work) but we ended up going out to proselyte all day. We taught three great lessons in the day.


The first lesson was a man who is quite intellectual. He has been writing a book against Christianity and its doctrines. He was found by Elders B and F last week on the street. They walked up to him and he immediately told them that he was uninterested in religion. They talked about what our message was and by the end of their conversation he told them that he was quite excited that they were going to be meeting later in the week. When we arrived at his house, we found that his heart was quite prepared for the message of the Restoration. Of special interest to him was the fact that we claimed that there was an apostasy and then Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth. It was something that he said he would have to consider. We ended up saying a prayer to close and the Spirit was so strong, you could have cut it with a knife.


The next lesson we taught was to a woman who was raised in a Catholic Convent as a child in Italy. Later in life, she only saw heartache and pain, and that caused her to look away from God. More recently, she has been seeing the missionaries, and is accepting the Book of Mormon very well. In fact, she told us during the lesson that she had read it while she was sick, and felt that it was the word of God. A member came along who was baptized last week. He is a star at fellowshipping and helped her to overcome her fears about coming to church.


The third lesson was to an Indian man who has been investigating on and off for the last few months. He is afraid of the commitment that our church has in comparison to the Hindu belief that all religions are good. Thus, we had a lot of objections to overcome. The member, though, that we brought testified of the Atonement and told him about why it is important to understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. I was astounded at the strength that testimony brought. It made the investigator really think.


Saturday we went all over the mission. We had to deliver beds, take apart old beds, deliver a washer, and fix a fridge. It was quite an exhausting deal. We ended up in Chorley that night because we were delivering a vacuum to a companionship. They were stuck in a lesson until 8:30, and we got there at around 8, so we went over to the temple and stood outside for a few minutes. We then took the vacuum to them and went home.


Sunday I finally got to meet most of the ward. They had me come up and bare my testimony. I accidentally said “It’s really good to be here in Stockport” when I got up. The ward was great, though, it became the joke of the day. There are lots of good people.


Sorry about taking forever to email you today. I’ve had to do it while on and off doing some office work. There are lots of things to be done, so I must go now. I will probably email throughout the week to individual people. Love you so much!



About elderjustin

I am currently serving in the England, Manchester Mission as an LDS mission. This blog will be updated with my emails every once in a while.
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