It’s PrestON

First of all, just to clarify, my mission call hasn’t changed. I am still speaking the English language. I have been temporarily put into a Chinese area, though. As I found out this week, I am only going to be here for about three weeks, and then I am going somewhere else. I thought I was just getting settled, but I will be heading out in a few weeks. I think I said it this last week, I am an Elder without an area! It is a bit fun to serve in these areas for a few weeks, but it isn’t too fulfilling because you don’t get to see anybody progress to baptism.

The first night that I was here we taught a man. He is already a Christian, but mostly because it is what all of his friends were doing at the time. He had a hard time understanding the reason that we had the Book of Mormon, even though Elder C. told him five different times. Last night, we went over to teach him again. He had the same objections and didn’t want us to come over until he finished the Book of Mormon. I had no idea that this was happening until Elder Chan told me. I decided to bear my testimony about the Book of Mormon. The Spirit filled the room and he invited us to come back again. I am sure that he felt the Spirit there. He accepted baptism and said that he had a lot of praying to do. I hope that all will go well with him.

That experience, coupled with a few others, has really helped me to see the hand of the Lord in this work. The Spirit is the integral part that makes it go forward. It transcends all languages, cultural barriers, and beliefs. It is the only way that I can go forward, teaching in a language that I don’t even understand.

We have taught lots of lessons in Chinese, about 17 in total. To give you a feeling for how many that is, you have to know that most areas get about 10-12 a week max. This area is exploding with people who are ready to be taught!

By the way, ourflat has been dubbed the “Pit of Despair” because of how bad it is. It is almost humorous just how bad it is. Nonetheless, we are moving out soon… Right after I am supposed to leave! Oh well…

We went to Liverpool on Saturday because Elder C. taught somebody who was being baptized there. The baptism was great and the Spirit was so strong. We also got to go out to the Albert Docks and take a picture in front of the Beatles Museum. That was fun. I also met a genuine drunk Skouse on the train going to Liverpool and had a great conversation with him. What a great place Liverpool is!

Well, that is about it for this week. So I must go find “Golden Chinese Investigator” as Elder C, calls them.

Love you tons,

PS. Elder Beard’s mother is really going to try to keep up with the blog!


About elderjustin

I am currently serving in the England, Manchester Mission as an LDS mission. This blog will be updated with my emails every once in a while.
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