Hello Everybody!

A short email this week! We are trying to get up to the Lake District
today, so we are in a rush emailing.

First of all, please don’t as of this week (it might change next week)
don’t send mail to the Lancaster address. I repeat, DON’T!  This is
because transfers are next week. So if you want to send mail to me
after today, please send it to the England Manchester Mission address
in Booths Park. (Sidenote: I would love to get letters!)

This week, we ended up teaching tons of people, and hopefully all that
we speak to will feel of our happy and upbeat spirit. I can feel
excitement build as we teach people on the spot, and as we meet with
investigators who want to know truth. Hopefully we can get them to
feel the need to make commitments that will better their lives.

One such person is somebody that we found last Monday night. We were
walking in a small town next to the university, and we saw a Chinese
man walking down a path. We started talking to him and he said that he
had no knowledge of God, other than what his friends had told him. He
was not religious, but was interested to know why people cared about
it so much. We set up an appointment to meet him in his office Friday.
When we arrived at the university, it turned out that he was a
researcher that worked there, and that he was actually interested in
the message. It was a great lesson, and the Spirit was so strong. I am
excited to teach him again.

To answer a question that I get often, does it rain here? The answer
is yes, but not nearly as much as people say it does! I usually stay
dry, so there are no complaints from me. In fact, I kind of enjoy it…
In a way!

Well, I will include a few pictures from this week. Hope all is well!

Elder Beard

About elderjustin

I am currently serving in the England, Manchester Mission as an LDS mission. This blog will be updated with my emails every once in a while.
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