Hello everybody!

Hope that this Easter week has been as great as mine. There was a lot
of effort put into finding people, and with some ups and downs, we are
still searching!

The word of the week this week is obedience. While it is known that
missionaries live a different life, many people do not realize the
hundreds of temporal rules we follow. Trying to keep all of the rules
could drive any sane person absolutely crazy! But, we try to do all of
them to the best of our abilities. One of the hardest ones for me is
not singing non-church music. The tunes get in there and have a hard
time going, but as I focus my thoughts more on the music I should be
singing, my mind is less clouded and I am more in tune with the

In a companionship, it can be hard to be exactly obedient. One person
might follow something that another does not. But when we work
together to accomplish a common goal, we actually work better
together. Things seem to fall into place and we are able to get the
things we need to done.

A miracle that we saw came last Friday. We were going to teach a
lesson with a member, but the investigator wasn’t in even though we
had confirmed the appointment an hour before. We stood on the doorstep
for a few minutes and when nobody came, the member that was with us
asked if we wanted to go meet a few people that he home teaches that
are less active in the church. He took us around and introduced us to
them. That was a blessing to meet these people and create trust with

One such person was an elderly lady who lives alone, but still has all
of her wits about her. Her and the member reminisced on life and
talked about how perspective was everything. The member that was with
us is fairly old, but he has lived a great life. While we were sitting
there, he told Elder Stubbs and I never to let life get us down. He
said that he was diagnosed with a disease 3 or 4 years ago and they
told him that he only had 2 years to live. He said “What did I do? I
didn’t hang my head and take it, I bought a plane ticket to Antarctica
because I’d always wanted to do that, and I guessed that I had better
do it while I was alive!” What a lesson! Never let life get you down,
attitude is everything!

Speaking of attitude, I can feel that this week is going to be
amazing! Hope all is well at home!

Elder Beard

About elderjustin

I am currently serving in the England, Manchester Mission as an LDS mission. This blog will be updated with my emails every once in a while.
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