Hello everybody!

First of all, I am staying in Lancaster for at least another 6 weeks,
so you can keep sending mail to the Lune Square address. If you are
posting letters, then please send them there rather than to the
mission office. Email my sister Kristin or my mom to get the street

This week we had almost a meeting every day! It was great to see some
of the missionaries from places other than Lancaster. On Tuesday, we
had district meeting in Preston, which was normal. However, after it
was over, we went into the chapel/cultural hall where another district
was meeting to have lunch, and who should be there but Elder and
Sister Christopherson. We had a wonderful chat about Draper and
everything going on in the mission. They just moved from Kendal Branch
down to South Ribble in Leyland, so they are in the district right
next to us!

Wednesday was 5 week training, put on by the assistants and mission
Presidency. I got to see all 17 of the other people from the MTC as we
met in the Manchester chapel for the first time all together in 5
weeks. It was an amazing reunion to see how much we had all grown in
the five short weeks we were here. We also got to walk through
Piccadilly again on our way to and from the train station. I
remembered contacting people in the freezing rain and how much I had

Sunday was great. Ryan, our recent convert, had an amazing change of
heart this week and went to Family Home Evening, Institute, the Stake
Music Festival, and church on Sunday. It was great to see as he got
happier and happier as the week progressed.

This last Sunday was mother’s day in the UK, and as such, we had talks
from several sisters in the ward about mothers. One sister gave a talk
on being a grandmother. She told a story of her grandson William, and
it was one of the most uplifting and spiritual things I have heard all

William is 10 years old and is still in primary school. The school was
holding a race one day, so William’s father came to watch. William is
not the best runner, but he is usually near the front during races. On
this particular day, however, after the race had started, William
began to lag behind. His father was urging him on, yelling “Run
William, run!” But still, William slowed, almost to a standstill.
Perplexed the father began to wonder if there was something wrong, but
soon he had an answer to why his son was running so slow. At the very
back was a boy who looked like he was having a hard time running.
William let him catch up and then put his arm around his back and ran
a bit behind him. William finished last in the race, and he told his
father that he did it because “I didn’t want the boy to finish in last
place.” Soon after the race was over, the mother of the boy that
William had run behind came up and gave him 50 p, he took it, not so
he could buy something, but so he could remember what he did. As he
said when she gave him the coin “It was only a race.”

It was quite uplifting to hear that story, which she related to how
great it was seeing their children’s children making good choices. I
saw it more, though, as a Christlike experience we can all have. We
are trying to get ahead in the rat race of life, but when we slow down
and realize that it’s “Only a race” we can begin to look outside of

Anyways, it has been great to see what is happening at home.

Love you all
Elder Beard

About elderjustin

I am currently serving in the England, Manchester Mission as an LDS mission. This blog will be updated with my emails every once in a while.
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