Hello everybody…

Hello everybody!

This week, Lancaster has been on fire. We didn’t have any investigators at church, but we were able to teach tons of new people and we smashed all of our goals!

Finding went relatively well this week. We found tons of people searching for the gospel and ended up teaching about 9 lessons! That has been a great turn-around from last week’s 2 lessons!

I had two really great exchanges this week, one in Blackpool and another with the Assistants in Manchester. Blackpool was an amazing experience I will never forget. Imagine Las Vegas if it ran out of money and you essentially have Blackpool. It also rains there like no other. Elder Feith (said fight) from the Netherlands and I went to teach an investigator named Clare at her home with some members. When we arrived, her mother was there and was way drunk, but we ended up teaching a great lesson, and Clare bore her testimony to her mother and it was way powerful! The members we took with us had just been baptized a month ago, but have the best testimonies.

Sidenote story: these new members were referred to the Church by one of the Osmond brothers. They were reading on Allen Osmond’s Facebook page and ended up ordering a Book of Mormon and being baptized a month later. The Lord works in mysterious ways!

Anyway, Blackpool was a great experience. Manchester was pure insanity. We were running all over and talking to everybody that we could. We ended up teaching a lesson to a man in the park who was from India. He was so excited and the Spirit was strong. Elder Smart and I then taught 2 other people and it was amazing to see how well he used the Book of Mormon in teaching. I hope I can one day be that great!

The work picked up in the last half of the week and Elder Stubbs and I ended up teaching lots of people and having great meetings with the ward. There are great things happening in Lancaster! I am so excited and I hope that I can stay here for at least another transfer!

Speaking of, transfers are next week, so we don’t have P-Day on Monday. I will be able to write either next Wednesday or Thursday. That is all that I can think of right now!

 Oh, and I have lost a few pounds! Since I left the MTC about a month ago, I’ve lost one whole stone!

 Love you all lots!

Elder Beard  

About elderjustin

I am currently serving in the England, Manchester Mission as an LDS mission. This blog will be updated with my emails every once in a while.
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