Hello everybody…

Hello everybody!

This week has been one of trial after trial, but it was still full of learning experiences. First of all, Frank dropped us before we even got to see him again, that was a real downer. As we walked back to the flat for lunch after that happening, I was just so discouraged. I was wondering how it was that there was so much evil in the world, when out of the blue the bells in the Priory began to ring. It reminded me of the poem/hymn “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” saying “The good shall fail, the right prevail” and that lifted my spirit.

On Wednesday, I started to come down with a cold, but I told Elder Stubbs it was nothing. We ended up trying to contact a less active member who lived on the very edge of town about 4 miles away. So we walked all the way there and he wasn’t in. I have never been closer to yelling in frustration all of my life, but by Sunday, I could see that the Lord was trying us. On Friday, I was way too sick to go out. I usually try to press on, but from my experience at BYU, I remembered how helpful it had been to just take one day and sleep, so I did (with President’s permission). And Saturday I felt good as new.

Sunday was AmAzing (with capital A’s!) When we arrived at church, we immediately saw the less-active member that we had tried to contact, and I was able to meet him and talk. We didn’t set up an appointment, but it was worth it just to see him there! Then, Brother Perry, who just moved in to the ward, came up and told us he had just been called as Ward Mission Leader. We haven’t had one in months, and honestly he is the best Ward Mission Leader in the world. He works at the MTC and used to serve in this mission. Missionary work is his hobby. He talks to everybody -on the bus, on the street, on the train – about the Church. He bought an Xbox so that he could have a way to invite people over to play games and talk about the Church, legitimately. He was so excited that he invited us over for dinner last night and we worked on the ward mission plan. I can already feel that we are going to see work pick up in our area! It’s exciting!

Well, I must go!

Love you all!

Elder Beard  

About elderjustin

I am currently serving in the England, Manchester Mission as an LDS mission. This blog will be updated with my emails every once in a while.
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