Hello from Lancaster!

Hello everybody!

The work is going on in Lancaster. Still no new investigators, but
this week has been amazing! We have been visiting more less-active
members in an effort to get them to church this past week. One showed
up, but that made the work worth it!

The biggest miracle of the week came on Thursday. (As an aside, I hope
that Morgan is reading this, because he is the only one who would
truly appreciate what happened) On Wednesday, we had a Zone
Conference, and Sister Preston talked about why God calls people, not
robots to teach lessons. We all have different knowledge and
personalities. I was sceptical (I wonder where that comes from?! 😉 )
and thought that there was no way that there was anybody prepared for

Thursday night, we had a tea appointment in Morecambe. We got on the
bus early, so we had some extra time to street contact. Elder Stubbs
felt impressed that we should stay on the bus a few extra stops, get
off in Heysham, and street contact back to the house we were eating
at. I begrudgingly agreed, and we went down the coast a bit. When we
got off, we had taken no more than 10 steps, when suddenly 3 older
teenage boys walked out of a house carrying a Loaded Dervish,
Vanguard, and Tan Tien. I had to doubletake. I couldn’t believe what I
was seeing. I almost ran up to the door and asked them about their
longboards. It turns out that they love Loaded Boards. They had 2 Tan
Tiens, a Dervish, a Vanguard, a Bhangra, and a Dancer. I talked to
them about Loaded riders and their favourite videos. They were psyched
that somebody knew about Loaded. We ended up getting invited inside
and we taught the first lesson. They didn’t accept any invitations,
but it was still amazing to me that they even let us inside. It showed
me that God has people who are almost EXACTLY ready for us to talk. I
am sure that had the missionaries come up to them and tried to talk to
them, they would have been brushed off.

That experience really got me out of the pits and excited for the work!

Saturday was great because we got to teach Ryan again. We were going
to do something about callings in church, when Elder Stubbs suggested
that we talk to him about temples. We ended up teaching him and a
friend about baptisms for the dead and how he could be with his family
forever. He was so excited that when we asked him if he had any
questions, he asked how soon he could go for his grandparents. That
was so awesome to hear that! Unfortunately, he still isn’t coming to
church, but I know that with time, he will!

The members have also been great this week. We ended up teaching lots
of member lessons and growing in trust with them. The Bishop even gave
us a few names of people he wanted us to look up, thus the less-active
contacting. It has been great!

Just before we came to write, we went to the library and they told us
that there were no computers available until 2. So Elder Stubbs and I
had an hour to kill. Luckily, there is the Lancaster City Museum next
to the library and it is free. We walked through the war museum that
they have. The King’s Royal Regiment is from here, so we got to see
lots of artefacts from every war dating back to the 1600s. There were
exhibits on the soldiers who had gotten the Victorian Cross from
Lancaster. It was really great to see how much valour they had!

I love hearing about home! And no, it doesn’t make me homesick to hear
that you are at the ranch! I am out here making memories too! 🙂

Well, I must go! We have to go shopping and the Sainsbury’s down the
street is closed so we have to take the bus down to the ASDA.

Hope all is well!
Elder Beard

About elderjustin

I am currently serving in the England, Manchester Mission as an LDS mission. This blog will be updated with my emails every once in a while.
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