Out here!

Hello everybody!

Well, I have so much to talk about this week. First off, we went back
into Manchester last Friday to street contact. Elder Parsons and I
taught a lot and got a few contacts. The thing that really impressed
me was as we were leaving, a man yelled to us from a bus station
“Elders!” We stopped and talked about the Church to him, and it
quickly became ovious that he was quite drunk. We were talking, when
all of the sudden he leaned close to Elder Parsons and whispered “Pray
for me!” It was one of the most fervent and haunting things I have
ever heard. We taught him about prayer and how we can all do it. He
was homeless, so we won’t see him again, but his words still echo in
my mind. I really felt that God loved him and that we are all like
this man. We all want to be closer to God.

Well, all good things have to come to an end. We left the MTC
yesterday morning at around 6, and drove up to Knutsford, where the
mission home is. We ate breakfast with the President, then had
training by the Assistants all day. It was exactly like you said dad!
They are the guys that everybody looks up to! We ate lunch, then went
to get our new companions. We drove to the stake center and went in to
find 100 Elders and Sisters to greet us. We were introduced, then we
were assigned companions and areas.

I have been assigned to the Lancaster area with Elder Stubbs. We have
a flat here in the city, and it is fairly nice. We are getting along
pretty well. Last night, we almost didn’t make it off the train. The
doors closed on us, but then by some miracle there was a glitch and
all the doors opened again. So that was great. We went shopping at the
British equivalent of Target, then we had to get me bed sheets, so we
went down to the ASDA and Elder Stubbs showed me the local ward house.
We went back to the flat and we went to bed, waking this morning and

Elder Stubbs is from Austrailia, in a town on the Gold Coast. He
studied IT for a year in Uni, decided he didn’t like it, and went into
studying PR. He has been out for 18 months and is one of the most
patient people I have met so far. I am excited to teach my first
lesson with him today.

If you want to write me a letter, please email Kristin or my mom for the address.

Well, I need to go make more stories, so I will leave my email there!
Love you all!

Elder Beard

About elderjustin

I am currently serving in the England, Manchester Mission as an LDS mission. This blog will be updated with my emails every once in a while.
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