Email 2

Hey everybody!

Week two and I am still in the MTC. 30 minutes goes by way too fast! We learn all day and then we teach well into the night. In my room, as I said, there are several people and we stay up talking. Elder parsons and I get along alright. I do things that annoy him and he honestly does nothing that annoys me, so I guess that it’s ok. We do teach well together, or so the teachers say we do.

I forgot to tell you dad, the first morning here, a bunch of Elders thought that Wheatabix was an energy bar, so they all got it and didn’t add milk. It was funny to see their reactions to the gross dry wheat stuff. It made me laugh, though.

President and Sister Walker are great! They told us the storty of how they met last Sunday, and it is interesting to hear them talk about President Hinkley in such a close setting. Sister Walker sounds and acts just like her father. Nothing that she says doesn’t end with some kind of joke. I love it. President Walker calls it her “GBH’s” for obvious reasons.

We went to ASDA last week. It’s like a British Wal-Mart, and got some stuff to get us through the week. I bought some AXE stuff and it somehow smells worse than it does in the US. (Plus it’s called LYNX)

Wednesday or Thursday, we celebrated Robert Burns night. We ate haggis and sang some songs. I felt great because I knew at one time I had actually been to his house.

On Friday, we got to practicwe our teaching skills on real people. I am going to have an interesting time getting used to talking to people about the gospel. We took a 45 minute train ride into Piccadili Gardens in the heart of Manchester, a city of 4 million. It wasn’t just raining, it was raining sideways. The wind hit my face the second that we left the station and didn’t stop until we got back 4 hours later. We did street contacting all day, and luckily, my companion was good at it. I would try, but get tongue tied. At one point, I told him to not say anything and I would take the lead on it… Yeah, that didn’t work. I ended up walking up to a young couple who were smoking and raising my arms exclaiming “We have a message of peace and joy!” That was the end of that. It was pretty awkward, but I now know what I need to work on. We didn’t place any copies of the Book of Mormon, but we did get 2 addresses, which was pretty good. There are a bunch of muslim people here in Manchester, and so a lot of the people we contacted couldn’t hear our message because they could be killed if they went back to their country.

Sunday made up for everything that Friday wasn’t. We went to a few of the church history sites here near Chorley. We first went into the heart of Preston, where Heber C. Kimball first taught the gospel. There is an obolisque (is that spelled right?) in the center of the square where he started to preach. Pretty cool. We then walked down to Avenham park, where there are gardens dedicated to the church. The River Ribble runs right next to the park, so we went there. That was where the first European saints were baptized. We also got to visit the flat where President Hinley first stayed and got the famous “lose yourself and go to work” letter. After that, we went to a little town called Downham, which is owned by a Lord that has kept the place the way it would have looked 700 years ago, but has put all modern amenities into it. It was cool to see how the place would have looked to people long ago. It was a great way to start the Sunday.

One last note, it takes at least 6 days for letters to get to and from here, so after today (the 31) please mail things to the mission home, not the MTC. I haven’t gotten anything yet, so I hope I’ve been missed! 🙂 Love all of you, and talk to you soon!

Elder Beard

About elderjustin

I am currently serving in the England, Manchester Mission as an LDS mission. This blog will be updated with my emails every once in a while.
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