My first P-Day

Hello there! I would like to start off by saying, a bit pridefully, that anybody that is at another MTC is missing out! We have 41 Elders and Sisters here, so I have pretty much gotten to know everybody in our MTC. After waving goodbye on the airplane, we waited at the Delta gate and Elder Ford (the kid that was saying goodbye next to us) knew one of the Delta employees, so we got to get on the plane first. Then after that, we flew all the way to Atlanta, where we met up with several other Elders and Sisters. We made it in just the right amount of time that we didn’t have to run through the airport. We then took the flight over. I have forgotten how long trans-Atlantic flights are. On an interesting note, it was just like you said dad, I wouldn’t be the only one scared to death. When we were in Atlanta, there was an Elder that was being a hotshot, but by the time we landed in Manchester, he was pale. So, when we got to Manchester, President Williams (the counselor) was there to greet us and we got on a bus to Chorley.

When we got to the MTC, I was surprised at how beautiful it was. I don’t know if the pictures they have uploaded have done it justice, but it is greener than I had expected for this time of year. Our MTC President, President Walker and his wife greeted us and immediatly put us to work. We had a laundry list of things to do. Email, medical stuff, and meeting with the President. Then, we had a devotional/rules meeting and went to bed early. We got our companions at that.

I was so worried about getting my companion, but it turned out better than expected. My companion’s name is Elder Parsons from Atlanta, Georgia. He is 22 and worked for Delta before he came. Funny story, he actually got to ride first class because his girlfiend’s dad is the VP of Operations at Delta as well. Lucky duck. We room with two other kids, Elders Andrus and McKay. Elder Andrus is actually from Draper too, but he lives more on South Mountain or something. Elder McKay is from Seskatuwan, Canada. His accent fell straight from Strange Brew. He has said “eh?” twice and made my day!

The schedule is really intense. We only got to go to bed early on the first day we were here. We wake up at 6:30 to shower. (My comp and I usually wake up at 6 so we get hot water) Then breakfast is at either 8:00 or 7:30. Then, we have classes until lunch at 12:00. After that, we have TRCs, or role playing lessons until dinner at 16:15 (like the British time usage?) Then we go back to class until 9 and have planning until 9:30. I have slept good every night so far! (Knock on wood) So that has been a blessing.

To answer your questions, Kris, P-Days so far have been great (meaning today). We went to the temple next door at 9:30 (I didn’t see the Sharps!) and did a session as an MTC. Then, we came back, ate pizza for lunch, and relaxed in our rooms. Then I came downstairs to the computer lab and wrote this. After this, I am going to the store to pick some stuff up, and then it’s back to the classroom at 6. Also, I have been surprised how much the spirit has been with me so that I have been able to function better now than at college.

Well, I have to go, the thing is telling me I have 3 minutes. I’ll send pictures next week. Love you all! Special shout-out to Morgan and the note attatched to the grenade, it got me through the first few hours away!

The spirit is strong, the church is true. I love it here.

Love you all!

About elderjustin

I am currently serving in the England, Manchester Mission as an LDS mission. This blog will be updated with my emails every once in a while.
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